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Phil Riddel is a freelance writer who lives with four other mammals - three of them human - in a village near Glasgow, Scotland. A long time ago he obtained a science degree, which qualified him for countless years of boredom in completely unrelated jobs. He took up writing as an alternative to therapy, a suggestion from a friend (the therapy that is, not the writing), and is determined to press on with it, in defiance of advice from his wife, daughters, friends, colleagues and complete strangers who have stumbled upon his work. He has never learned to type properly and spends more time correcting typing errors than writing.

Phil likes to write about hills and mountains, oddities of nature and geeky, science-related things, but is prepared to take on anything that looks as if it might bring in some much needed income. Away from the keyboard, he can sometimes be seen wandering among the hills or poking about under rocks and logs. On a rainy day, he will most likely be found in his garage, pottering around with flasks, test tubes and chemicals, pretending to be a proper scientist. He hopes to receive lavish praise and copious remuneration for his prose, but may sulk if criticised.

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