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My name is Pikachusif and I enjoy all things Pokemon. I started this hub to share my love and knowledge of Pokemon with others, and to inform my readers on the news that surrounds Pokemon at the moment. Read my hub and stay up to date in the world of Pocket Monsters!

Also, be sure to comment in my PikaForums: What is Your Favorite Pokemon Generation & Why?, and What is your Favorite Grasss Type Pokemon? to have your votes entered into The Pikachusif Awards! Coming soon!

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  • PikAnime: Banned Pokemon Episodes

    PikAnime: Banned Pokemon Episodes

    4 years ago

    We all understand that various yet minimal flaws linger in the Pokemon universe. Pikachusif takes a look at anime flaws, with banned episodes being the main culprit. Read all about it in, "PikAnime: Banned Pokemon...

  • The Pokemon Controversy

    The Pokemon Controversy

    4 years ago

    With such a large fanbase, it is clear why Pokemon has garnered so many accusations concerning such controversial subjects as racism, gambling, & religion. Read all about it: The Pokemon Controversy!

  • Looking for Fossils in Pokemon Black or White?

    Looking for Fossils in Pokemon Black or White?

    4 years ago

    Have you ever seen your Pokedex empty from a lack of rare and powerful fossil Pokemon? If so, then cry no more, for I shall show you a quick, easy, daily, and fluent way to get every ancient relic of battle you could...

  • Interesting Pokemon: Muk

    Interesting Pokemon: Muk

    5 years ago

    Muk, the seemingly sloppy poison type Pokemon with a gruesome stench to match it's awfully oozy appearance. However, this is not entirely the case, for a magnificent world of great stats and fantastic memories are stuck...