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I really think of myself as a "work in progress...." but here goes: I love writing. I love reading. I love just about anything to do with words... poetry, stories, vignettes, novellas, novels, essays. Writing has always been my strongest skill -- I've been doing it for over twenty years now. The older I get, the more I realize that I want to help others through doing something I love. Hence my decision to try HubPages: I want to be able to communicate my ideas to a widespread audience on topics that are of special interest to me. I love diversity, and I see that HubPages has approximately a gazillion different topics from which to choose. :) I'll improve this later -- but for now, I'm glad to be here!

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  • The Abecedarian Poem

    The Abecedarian Poem

    4 years ago

    This Hub explores the abecedarian poem as an ancient poetic form which is still in popular use today. Readers will learn about its history and be able to see specific examples of the form in use.

  • The Importance of Imagery in Writing

    The Importance of Imagery in Writing

    4 years ago

    Using imagery in your writing can add so much! This Hub provides definitions and examples of various literary devices designed to "grab the reader by the senses".