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After working for several years in the Business industry, I decided to use my dedication and hard work to benefit me, instead of someone else. I started writing articles for online publication and offering tutor services through various websites. The income was not great, but I enjoyed being able to work from home and pick and choose the projects I wanted to work on. Most of all I liked the fact that I could make my own hours. Those of you who are night owls, like me, can relate to that.

Because the income from writing was not sufficient to pay the bills I decided to branch out into other areas. I started doing computer graphics. Although doing graphics earns more money, I continue to write articles to maintain some variety in my activities.

You can purchase any of my articles or the graphics which I created (with full license). If you have a specific topic you would like for me to write on please contact me at http://www.liveperson.com/projects-consultant.

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    Effective Management Strategies

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    Principles of the Marketing Mix

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