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Remember when admitting that "you met online" would result in raised eyebrows and awkward silences?

With more and more people turning to online dating, it seems those days are long gone but as many new venues there are to meet like-minded singles - it's still a wild and woolly world out there in the online dating world.

Qua International is a website devoted to seeking out the best in online dating. Our collection of authors cater to seek out the best dating site for every type of single person who has ever wished for a soulmate (or is just bored on a Friday night) and make it easier for them to connect.

The site caters to every demographic, with helpful tips as well as individual blogs and articles to make flirting with love online what it should be - easy and fun!

Check out our site for all things online dating!

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  • How to Make Him Adore You

    How to Make Him Adore You

    4 years ago

    One of the strangest misconceptions that women struggle with these days is that you have to be physically beautiful to attract men. Even the women who say they don't intellectually believe this, seem to unconsciously...