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  • Parshat Noach (Noah)

    Parshat Noach (Noah)

    5 months ago

    The Ark after a year from the day of Methusalahs Death Parshat Noach (Noah) Verse 6:9 “Eish Tzadik Tamim”, which would be translated as “A completely righteous man, or a completely charitable...

  • Insights to Parshat Bereishit

    Insights to Parshat Bereishit

    5 months ago

    The creation of the universe, the creation of mankind, the creation of thoughts and souls is extremely profound. The truth of the process is beyond mankind. We try to speak of it and so we anthropomorphize deep...

  • Parsha Ki Teitzei

    Parsha Ki Teitzei

    5 months ago

    This week’s Parsha is Ki Teitzei found in Deuteronomy 21:10 and it ends in Deuteronomy 25:19. Common Theme of Restitution: There are so many laws in this section of Torah. However, I will only focus on...

  • The Prophetic Meaning of Hebrew Names

    The Prophetic Meaning of Hebrew Names

    5 months ago

    Names are wonderful things that have a deep past. Each name brings a history and a story with it, some that are funny and some that are sad. In today’s world many people have no clue as to what significance names...