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I'm passionate about cinema, anime, manga, Japan, games, and otaku culture.

M blog deals with a wide variety of anime and manga. The main focus is on deep analysis of anime storytelling and audience-focused reviews.

If you're wondering, "should I watch/read X?", my articles will help you make an informed decision.

First Impressions: I talk about how I feel about an anime based on the first episode. Or for manga, about the first volume.

At a Glance: This is a review based on how I feel about an anime or manga, based on approximately the first 20% of content. So, for a 25-episode anime, this would be the first 5 episodes. Manga is by volumes, so for a 10-volume manga series, this would be for the first 2 volumes.

Seinen (mature audiences) is my favorite genre of anime. I like anime that deconstructs common anime tropes, like Evangelion and Madoka.

But I don't solely focus on that stuff - I follow a lot of things within the vast umbrella of "geek culture", especially fantasy and sci-fi.

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