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Ready to meet a thoughtful writer who isn’t afraid to say what she means?  An answer of yes will introduce Rafini Loeshun, (a pseudonym created in childhood which she chose to represent her writing ambition) a writer who thinks of the world as if seeing it through a camera lens, and a photographer who sees the worlds inhabitants as characters to study in depth.  From poetry to fiction, to creative non-fiction and personal essays, Rafini refuses to fail in her "tell it like it is" style, and in less than 6 months on Hubpages.com, readers from a variety of backgrounds find her essays and articles to be intellectually stimulating and praiseworthy.



A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a BA in Creative Writing.  I'm still within the need to take a break from hubbing in order to focus my energies where it matters most, but I still miss the forums and everyone I've met so far - I will continue to pop back in once in a while, even if only for a moment. 

Take care and always believe in yourself.







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  • Love Is...A Silken Tent?

    Love Is...A Silken Tent?

    3 years ago

    When reading The Silken Tent by Robert Frost, a warm, fuzzy feeling known as love penetrates the senses through not only the diction the narrator uses, but also the figures of speech, tone, metaphors (whether or not...