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Hello and welcome to Rafini’s HubPages.  A little about me:

I signed up for Hubpages within the first few months after quitting a job I loved, and while I was a returning adult student searching not only for myself but also for the trail home.  Today I can happily say I’ve found my way, and am thankful to everyone I’ve met along both my live and virtual travels, whether near or far.  

My journey began with knowing I wanted to be a published author, and Hubpages offered me the chance to write what I wanted, when I wanted, and to get paid for doing it.  I jumped at the chance given, then had to take a break to focus my energies on my studies.  Five years later I graduated from UW Madison with a BA in Creative Writing and a drive to succeed in whatever I do. 

Currently I am recreating my online presence, and redefining my online persona to begin fusing my creative self with my professional self.  For this interesting leg of my travels I intend to focus on my blog, Rafini's Voice, and setting up my freelance editing business.  I expect a few small bumps along the way, but also expect to enjoy the experience.  Come along and join my journey, I’d love the company.






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  • Devoted


    7 days ago

    A short story I wrote for a class, "Devoted" resulted from an assignment that required a magical creature and something I could teach someone. Lost in the last day shuffle, I never received feedback.

  • The Center of the Universe...Lies Elsewhere

    The Center of the Universe...Lies Elsewhere

    7 days ago

    The Street With Two Names is a setting I wrote for a memoir writing class that I took this past summer. It not only describes the people I remember but the time and place of my childhood, back when I thought the...

  • Love Is...A Silken Tent?

    Love Is...A Silken Tent?

    8 days ago

    When reading The Silken Tent by Robert Frost, a warm, fuzzy feeling known as love penetrates the senses through not only the diction the narrator uses, but also the figures of speech, tone, metaphors (whether or not...

  • Real Strength, Real Power

    Real Strength, Real Power

    8 days ago

    What is strength?  What is power?  Do these two words have anything in common?  With a bit of surprise, they do.  Simply put, having power means to have strength.  So, what does it mean to...