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Freelance writer. British-Canadian. An agnostic Anglican and an INFP with the moon in Aries. A lover of arts, music, film (especially Hammer horror), language.

I live in St Catharines, Ontario, but I was born in Vancouver, BC, and grew up in Prescot, near Liverpool, England. From 2005 to 2010, I was assistant director of the Prescot Festival.

As well as bits of commercial copy and content all over the web, my published writing includes editorials for the Guardian website Comment is freeĀ and a chapter in the 2007 book Leaving Fundamentalism (Wilfrid Laurier University Press). Check out my blog (David L Rattigan) and my regular column for Horror Unlimited, The Charm of Evil. I also share writing tips and freelance advice at The Good Writing Blog.

Fascinating (or not-so-fascinating) facts about me: I sing tenor; I play cello and piano; I appeared on stage in drag several times as a teenager; I have a degree in biblical studies and theology (University of Manchester); I trained to be a secondary school teacher, taught full-time briefly in the UK, and have been a supply teacher in both Canada and England.

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  • Citing a Newspaper in a Cover Letter

    Citing a Newspaper in a Cover Letter

    5 years ago

    When you apply for a job or school, a cover letter gives you the chance to introduce yourself personally. It contains a greeting, details of how you found out about the post, a summary of your skills or qualifications,...

  • I'm Alan Partridge. Aha! Bio, Quotes & Video

    I'm Alan Partridge. Aha! Bio, Quotes & Video

    5 years ago

    Alan Partridge was born on April 2, 1955, in the town of King's Lynn, in the English county of Norfolk. He grew up in Norwich, the city with which he was to become forever associated. He bravely overcame the childhood...

  • Is Operation Repo Fake or Real?

    Is Operation Repo Fake or Real?

    5 years ago

    It's the question we all ask when we watch "reality" TV: Is this for real? Or is it scripted? Surely this is just too far-fetched? Watching Operation Repo, the TruTV "documentary" series about a car...

  • Love Never Dies: The Changes

    Love Never Dies: The Changes

    5 years ago

    After being open less than nine months, Love Never Dies, the stage sequel to the hit musical The Phantom of the Opera, has been given a revamp. The production opened in London's West End in March 2010 to mixed reviews...

  • Scrooge: Which Actor Played Him Best?

    Scrooge: Which Actor Played Him Best?

    5 years ago

    We're still in November, but in a few days, this author will be eagerly dusting off his Christmas DVDs and settling down with a carton of eggnog to enjoy a handful of movie adaptations of A Christmas Carol. The...

  • What's the Difference between Copyright and Copywriting?

    What's the Difference between Copyright and Copywriting?

    5 years ago

    A copywriter holds the copyright on her work. Confusing? This author was once confused, too, until he learned the difference between copywriting and copyright. Copyright is the ownership a person has of a creative work...

  • What Is Hammer Horror?

    What Is Hammer Horror?

    5 years ago

    In 1957, The Curse of Frankenstein presented movie audiences with Mary Shelley's classic horror tale in vivid color for the first time. Severed heads and spattered blood satisfied the cinema-going public's new appetite...

  • What Does 'Bah, Humbug!' Mean?

    What Does 'Bah, Humbug!' Mean?

    5 years ago

    "Bah, humbug!" You've all read Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol or seen Ebenezer Scrooge in one of his film incarnations, such as that of British character actor Alastair Sim in the definitive 1951 movie...