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I am a Libertarian and freelance writer wanna-be.  I refuse to speak in the third person and I try (really I do!) to be original and put forward unbiased ideas. 

Being a somewhat inexperienced writer I accept criticism so long as it is intelligent and constructive.  Suggestions on content and future hubs are always welcome.  I've started this site not because I think I'm great or that I'm always right, but because I'm hoping anyone taking the time to read my hubs would be kind enough to leave a comment on how well you thought I did.  Please keep it constructive.

This is my own real-life classroom and I'm striving to entertain, inform and most importantly IMPROVE!  If I'm worth my salt this will lead to bigger and better things.  If not, I will keep trying, but I promise I will always try to keep it real.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

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  • Cheaters: Getting Over a Cheat

    Cheaters: Getting Over a Cheat

    7 years ago

    I’ve been down that road too, you’re wondering what you did wrong, are they thinking about you? Do they want to call you but are afraid you’re still mad? Every time you think about what happened you get a sick...