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I am blessed to live in beautiful British Columbia in the Rocky Mountain Trench. Surrounded by mountains which greet me in the distance each morning when I wake. Paradise.

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  • Easy Camping Meal Tips, Ideas, and Recipes.

    Easy Camping Meal Tips, Ideas, and Recipes.

    23 months ago

    Camp meals definitely have their own taste and it is absolutely enticing. A little natural smoke is a flavor that commercial products just cannot replicate. Add in a hearty appetite because fresh air

  • Collectible Cast Iron: Griswold Pans and Skillets

    Collectible Cast Iron: Griswold Pans and Skillets

    11 months ago

    The Griswold Manufacturing Company was in operation from 1865 to 1957 and during that time it gained an outstanding reputation as a producer of quality cast iron products. Collectors of cast iron are

  • Swamp People Season 5: The Alligator Hunters

    Swamp People Season 5: The Alligator Hunters

    2 years ago

    Season 5 of Swamp People is now over but you can read all about this 30 day alligator hunt in the Louisiana swamps here.Troy and Jacob Landry as R.J. Molinere and his son Jay Paul are here as well as

  • Saying Goodbye to a Redneck Friend

    Saying Goodbye to a Redneck Friend

    7 months ago

    Sid passed away not long ago. This was very sudden and completely unexpected. He suffered a heart attack May 15, 2013 while at work. It was a hot day and he was working too hard just as he always did

  • How to Plant and Grow a Tree

    How to Plant and Grow a Tree

    17 months ago

    Trees really are easy to add into your landscaping. Just dig a hole, plant them in it, and away they grow. Okay so there is a little more to planting a tree than digging a hole and tossing a nut in...

  • Redneck Honeymoon Locations

    Redneck Honeymoon Locations

    23 months ago

    Shake off the wedding night hangover, gas up the old Chevy, and prepare to embark on the honeymoon of your dreams. There truly are some fabulous redneck honeymoon locations to think about visiting...

  • Hand Fishing Catfish

    Hand Fishing Catfish

    11 months ago

    Also known as noodling this is a sport where you want the fish to bite you. You fish for catfish using only your wits and courage. Noodling catfish is a sport for survivalists, hillbillies, rednecks

  • Bunny Rabbit Pictures

    Bunny Rabbit Pictures

    15 months ago

    Pictures of snuggly cuddly rabbits are hopping and bouncing all over the web and as spring and Easter draw near the need for computer generated images of the hare increase.Furry little noses twitching

  • Swamp People Season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

    Swamp People Season 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

    17 months ago

    Swamp People is a television series not to be missed. Set in the southern Louisiana Atchafalaya River Basin this reality style television show features the swamp people who hunt alligators for their

  • Redneck Wedding Decorations and Dress

    Redneck Wedding Decorations and Dress

    17 months ago

    Add a special touch of Redneck class to your wedding day by tastefully selecting traditional redneck country or camo wedding accessories, decorations, favors, and formal dress to highlight your day

  • Redneck History

    Redneck History

    2 years ago

    From hunting squirrels to running whiskey Rednecks have made their mark in American history books. Rednecks are as much a part of American history as is the Civil War, the White House and George...

  • Redneck Party Songs

    Redneck Party Songs

    17 months ago

    Rednecks are a distinct class of common country folk. They work hard, play hard, and enjoy hooting it up with family and close friends. Redneck songs combine these elements into their melodies which