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Roc6, I am a article writer, blogger, I do tutorials on instructables of my crystal rings patterns, and I am a nature, animal lover from Cape Town, South Africa.

I have several instructables online on how to make crystal rings with Swarovski. I have had a passion for crystals, especially Swarovski Crystals; my room is full of dangling crystals from the teardrop to round big ones or smaller. I kept being drawn to them whilst spending time in England many years ago; I always used to travel with several whilst working on cruise ships for 18 years. My cabin would always have a couple dangling from the curtain railing on the bunk bed. Yes I was so blessed to work on cruise ships for so many years for various companies getting to see some amazing places people simply dream of. I have a cruise jobs blog where I give back for all the abundance I was given in seeing the world, so others can benefit from it. I don’t gain anything except the odd adsense click on the ads, my way of giving back to the universe for my blessings.

I lived in Tenerife for a short while, in Athens, Greece as well for a short time, I love the Greek Islands I also spent a lot of time in England. I am now living in Cape Town for the present moment with my beloved Senegal Parrot Syddie.

Roc6 tweets: http://www.twitter.com/rc221

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Roc6 tutorials: http://www.instructables.com/id/See-how-to-Make-a-stunning-4-flower-Crystal-Ring/

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