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For those who wish to read my Hubs, I would first like to point out three things. One, my Hubs are not intended to create fans ... or to generate income. I am simply purging some thoughts on an issue which I find to be one of the most fascinating things ever witnessed in human history, akin, in my opinion anyways, to the eighth wonder of the world.  I am referring to the plea, which ultimately became a demand, on the part of the black race in America from 1865 to 1968  to integrate with the white race. All of human history suggests a male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar)  when forced under the hegemony of another male group ... always desires separation, so as to establish, or maintain, their own identity; and also empowerment over the lives of their people (e.g. Mormons, Amish, American Indian tribes).  Again, this was a norm established throughout human history. In America, however, the demand for autonmy and/or self-determination did not happen with the black race. My Hubs related to integration (and almost all will be related to integration) seek to explain why this phenomenon occurred.

Second, Use of 'Negro' and 'American' in my Hubs:: 
 I am not entirely sure when the term "Negro" began to be widely accepted as the black race's group designation in America. However, during our time frame here (1865 to 1964) it  was used  to describe those of African descent. Therefore, I will use it throughout my Hubs. No disparagement intended.

 As for the use of 'American' to describe white people, my intent is 1) to give identity and recognition to the male group that was responsible for the entire creation of American society from 1790 to 1964 (i.e. all the political & economic arenas in America throughout that time frame ... were created by one people::white Christian males); 2) to remove race or color as a group description of people i.e. societies are not created by racial groups per se but rather male groups (this is explained in the Hub 'DMG Theorem'). However, since people (mainly white people) have become so accustomed to seeing the word "white" used to describe the recognized Americans, I will use it from time to time.


Third, The Dominant Male Group (DMG) Theorem does deny to the black man a wrongwas being committed against him from 1865 to 1964 by white males (the DMG), because white males, generally speaking, would not commit to race-nullification and gift to him integration rights. Societies throughout human history had a very descernable and congruent structure to them, and American society prior to 1964 ... was completely consistent with that historical structure. While I am fully aware that history has been completely re-written today, inferring integration not received was a great wrong, yet, the true reality here is that no laws (nor historical precedents)  were being broken by white people where they demanded racial separation -- hence, the necessity to create integration with the federal integration laws in ‘64, ‘65 and ‘68.   Viewing historical events in the context of the time in which they occurred, I believe, is the correct approach here.

So please, defenders of the current faith, do not post mean-spirited comments thinking I am attempting to proselytize people back to the “old ways." My intent here is only to point out what was, and what replaced what was.  Putting it another way, I am simply pointing out it was the end of ONE system (a system dominated by the traditional DMG Theorem) and the launching of another (Compulsory Inclusionism).

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