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I am a scientist, I've dedicated a sizeable portion of my life to studying frog developmental biology and mutant frogs. I live in the cold depths of North London (or Greater London as it likes to be called), in a small, mouldy, and hugely overpriced flat, with my giant waxy monkey frog, Zoidberg, and 4 adult Day Geckos (plus any assorted little geckos that keep hatching. When not pipetting tiny amounts of liquid from one tube to another (the day job), I like to spend my time reading, cooking, surfing and writing.

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  • Tree Frog Facts and Pictures

    Tree Frog Facts and Pictures

    4 years ago

    Tree frog facts don't conform to many of our preconceptions about amphibians. The general picture that comes to mind when one thinks of a frog, is a slimy animal that spend most of their time in or around ponds, and...