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In the hidden caverns of our mind lie still waters and deep thoughts, just waiting to breath. Imagine, being one with your thoughts
"  Sage Williams


At many different stages of my life my writing was a necessity for keeping my sanity.    It was a way of purging the madness that existed inside. As time went on it became a daily living requirement.  In those moments, I dreaded writing; unfortunately, I would wait till I was on the edge of despair or was sinking into the deep, dark vastness of the abyss. It was only then that I would somehow find the strength and courage to surrender and write to pull myself back.  Writing was a release; it became a way of life.

Today however, it’s no longer a necessity; it’s a pleasure; one that I’ve grown accustomed to and love. 

My writing has become a great way to explore the caverns of my mind, to get to know myself and share my deepest thoughts.       Many Thanks ....


                               So What exactly is a HubNugget?

                                               HubNugget Awards

My hub, Understanding the Psychological Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse  was officially selected as a genuine HubNugget.  I am so honored to have been chosen as one of the top 5 hubs.

My hub, Blessings in Disguise was selected as a genuine HubNugget.  Once again I am so honored and can't thank you enough for all your support  and votes.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,  Sage

                                      SHE TOLD ME

                                        HUB PAGES by Sage williams

To date, I have published twenty three hubs.  Here is one, for those of you who are stuck on writing and looking for a creative way to break through the barriers. 

The second hub that I wrote was a poem, about feelings and identity.  Here is one of the lines. 31 years lie deepbly below; underneath layers in paralyzed rows.

My third hub was inspired by a quote from Albert Einstein, which spoke to me on so many levels in relation to dissociation, a survival technique.  

Somehow, It Just,  is a poem about childhood sexual abuse which portrays dissociation.  Artwork and Poem is published in this article.

I have published three of my poems that were written during my ten years of recovery.  The first poem was Censorship, the second was, Once Upon a Time the third most recent one published is The Sequence.

Official HubNugget- Understanding the Psychological Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

My eigth hub was a poem titled, "My Dearest Melanie" followed by my ninth hub a short story, "Expose- the gift of triggers".

My tenth hub published was Blessings in Disguise are Gifts from the Soul.
My elevnth hub published was What is Time?

My twelth hub was Transference and Countertransference in Psychotherapy

My thirteenth hub was about the Annual Smith College Bulb Show , where you can enjoy the colorful floral pictures and vote for your favorite one.

My 14th. hub published was The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

My 15th throught the 18th hubs are a series on hummingbirds.  The first one is titled, How To Attract Hummingbird's Into Your Life!

The second article of the series is,"Life Coaching Courses and Hummingbird Therapy". 

The third article in the series is Energy Psychology and Hummingbird Hypnotherapy.

And if you are looking for a really unique and special Gift for Mother's Day or perhaps a house warming gift you just might want to check out the, Hummzinger Humminbird Feeders.

My hubs 19,20 and 21 are another series of three hubs at the moment with a few more to follow very soon. 

If you are not used to paying $0 for dynamic software than you have got to check out these powerful freebies.

The first hub is Open Source Initiatve, the second is Open Source Software Applications and the third is E-book Software Creation, a step by step tutorial to creating an eBook.

My 22nd hub is about the amazing composer, condutor, Eric Whitacre and the Virtual Choir.  This is a must for everyone.  It is so moving.

Last but not least, my 23rd. hub is a contiuation from the Ebook Software Creation. Free PDF Converter, is a step by step tutorial explaining how to convert your ebook toa a PDF format.

Free Writer's Sanctuary~A Community by and for Writer's 

http:// www.sageism.com

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