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I'm Crazy. I'm Funny. I'm Brave. I'm Cheerful. I'm Annoying. I'm Just Me and I Like the way I am.

Break the rules. Be free. Live your life. Be a dreamer. Take a chance; you don't know what's coming. Never give up, just try twice harder. Live your life.

                                  Just be YOU. 8)

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  • Fading Out

    Fading Out

    2 years ago

    It is a conversation between two best buddies written in a poem. A friendship with a hope to be alive

  • A Little Lost

    A Little Lost

    2 years ago

    Why the person you love does becomes the hated person you know Why the moment you spend with them does becomes the ugliest time you've been through Why every little thing you care of becomes the stuff you throw...

  • Release The Pain

    Release The Pain

    2 years ago

    I Can-cer-vive Giving a smile I unroll the tear Tears that were caught by my eye Heart that was dying in Body that got cold a sudden Something happened Something that killed me deep I couldn't control...

  • Dying Heart

    Dying Heart

    2 years ago

    Hoping To Be Free Uncontrollable thunder, Storm that’s in me. Unconditional love, That’s fading out from me. My heart is dying Shouting “what I've done?” But no one hears a...

  • One Last Wish, I Desire

    One Last Wish, I Desire

    2 years ago

    Seasons past Years go by But I am still the same Waiting for the day I die Same old bed Where I stay all day, all night Caught by a disease They say am paralyzed Giving up on dreams Hopes they...

  • Time To Turn

    Time To Turn

    8 days ago

    I closed my eyes. I see you ahead, You've changed. Those days are gone. Day’s together, days apart. Days that took this broken heart The day you said goodbye and I was all apart. I sit alone this...

  • Unspoken Hearts

    Unspoken Hearts

    2 years ago

    This is not exactly a poem :P :D. This is written by me and my friends- Sudikchya and Rusma. It was at least about 40 pages long. So, I decided of making it into parts. This is the first part, other are way to come....

  • An Unseen Artist in YOU!!!

    An Unseen Artist in YOU!!!

    2 years ago

    If You Can See Beauty In Everything, You Are An Artist. Before learning how to sketch o draw anime or cartoon characters or anything else, I would like to first say about ‘what is an art?’ A person...

  • The Mysterious Night

    The Mysterious Night

    2 years ago

    It was getting dark I was moving towards my home, But suddenly I saw a girl sitting on the bench She was reading a book with her head down Looking at her I felt something was wrong When I went towards her,...

  • Still Alive

    Still Alive

    12 days ago

    I fell down You pushed me hard You hold my breath I couldn't make a sound Uncontrollable pain I went through With every touches you made You broke my belief in you Victim of rape That’s...