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Hello,I'm Scindhia from Chennai. I have worked as a business analyst and HR executive in the IT sector. I hold a masters degree in business administration. I own a casual dress boutique. My hobbies are reading and writing. I'm passionate about writing and have channelized my thoughts through my own blog (lovenbond) and various online forums. I have published two books so far.I enjoy writing about a variety of topics. 


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  • How to make a wall hanging from cooker gasket

    How to make a wall hanging from cooker gasket

    2 years ago

    Gasket decoration is a traditional craft of the south. It is particularly famous among the Badagas of Nilgiris. There are a lot of techniques involved in this craft. You can knit, stitch or paste according to your...

  • Flower Festivals of India

    Flower Festivals of India

    2 years ago

    India is a literally colorful country more beautified by the presence of thousands of amazing flower varieties. There is no region which does not respect and celebrate flowers. The reasons are different but every native...

  • Budget Friendly DIY Ideas Using a Sari

    Budget Friendly DIY Ideas Using a Sari

    2 years ago

    Whenever I want to decorate my home or buy something for the house, certain times I'm not happy with the value of the products. Not only they take up too much money but their quality is debatable. That is when I decided...

  • Brides of India

    Brides of India

    2 years ago

    Indian weddings are lavish and beautiful. India is a culturally diverse country. Each region has its own rich history and heritage that sometimes it is difficult to believe they all co-exist within one country. The best...

  • Plastic Canvas Crafty Ideas

    Plastic Canvas Crafty Ideas

    2 years ago

    In school I used to have craft classes. I was trained in various crafts like sewing, knitting, plastic canvas arts, gown making and carpentry. I also underwent a special course in glass gift article making. I love the...

  • Aathichudi, the First Tamil Lesson in Schools

    Aathichudi, the First Tamil Lesson in Schools

    2 years ago

    Aathichudi is a collection of verses written by the great Tamil Poetess Avvaiyar. It is believed that there were three poets by the same name in three different time periods. This particular contribution is however done...