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I was born and raised in tornado alley. That doesn't necessarily mean I was chased by twisters as a child - but there were definitely a lot of tornado scares - and now thunderstorms cause me to slumber deeply.

I am a retired infantryman and former military correspondent, current freelance writer and certified social media manager, cartoonist, and many other things (I wear a lot of hats these days).

Politically, I am a liberal conservative, as is much of the American population (at least those with brains).

I love writing and have authored a number of works of nonfiction; e.g., the Promotion Point Accelerator Army promotion guide series back in the 90s, under the pen name "Richard Morales."

I am relatively certain that I have coined a lot of terms that many people have never heard of, to include: “Multipliers,” “Revenue Channeling,” “Framed Management” and “Most Valuable Actor” - and I've been writing sooo long, I think I've predicted many of the publishing world’s digital substitution and disintermediation innovations (big words, I know - have an MBA and a BS in Communications, but I'm not really that educated).

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  • Life After Military Retirement

    Life After Military Retirement

    3 years ago

    An abbreviated look at life after military retirement. Ranging from lifespan after military retirement, to how things change, to planning for life as a civilian.