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I am a real woman, silently writing about the abuse that I have endured for the last 30 years.  I am here to be honest with myself on the reality that is currently going on.  The cycle of events that have been programmed in me, are deeply rooted and I am unable to break the chain, and free myself.  By writing, and documenting my own story, I hope to learn of myself, to face the demon, and to find the strength to put my foot down, and fly away.  For this to work, freedom can come only with honesty.  It has to start some where.

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  • Recovering From Your Abuse

    Recovering From Your Abuse

    9 months ago

    The day you put your hands on me, my body spun to land on a cold metal stair frame Blood filled my mouth, as stars spun around my skull, and tears stung my open wound You promised to care and love, yet something deep in...