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 The single thing that saddens me the most in this life isn't how many Christians and/or Republicans insist on believing BHO is somehow legally their President.  The hard-part is forgiving my own family members for actually believing the likes of that illegal-alien thug Obama and ridiculing me for telling the truth about him.

 Obama is simply not a "natural-born" citizen due to the fact his named father, BHO-Sr was a foreigner. BHO-Jr WAS also born a British Subject in KENYA.  Later this young boy was adopted in Indonesia as a Moslem named Barry Soetoro.  While staying with Grandma & Grandpa Dunham in Hawaii he needed a Social Security number to get a job at Baskin-Robbins, his only real job, so Granny Dunham borrowed one from an elderly Connecticut man who died on vacation in Hawaii.  That is the same SSN Obama is presently using.

 On page 26 of his autobiography "Dreams from My Father" Obama mentions finding his "birth certificate".  Whatever happened to THAT Birth Certificate.  The short-form BC Nancy Pelosi used to put BHO on the Presidential Ballot and the long-form posted on the White House website are both obvious forgeries.  The Birth Certificate smuggled out of Kenya in 2008 by Lucas D. Smith must be the spitting-image of the Page 26 BC Obama " accidently" shredded.  

 All of this is small potatoes once you realize exactly who this man of lawlessness really is.  In Luke 10:18 Jesus said "I saw Satan fall like lightning from on high." BARAK means lightning and BAMAH means on high.  Any questions?

Martial-law is coming to America very soon(as is Sharia law) and Operation Jade Helm-15 was final practice.  Now Special Forces operation UWEX-16 begins.  FEMA camps, some with guillotines have already been built and are operational.  Those who believe Jesuit Pope Francis to be The Antichrist are very close to the truth.  Pope Francis is the False Prophet.  My challenge to all the world is this:  Find a single Bible verse which precludes or even could preclude Obama, aka Bathhouse Barry Soetoro, from being The Antichrist.  Get ready for The Rapture & prepare for martial-law! Not even Trump can save us now.  ONLY Jesus can do that. 

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