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I am constantly doing something. I am a busybody that takes pleasure in reading anything. Since I work at a library, I often check out more books than I can read in two weeks...but so does everybody else I work with. I am also a writer. I've written magazine articles as a freelancer and I constantly have ideas floating in my mind (usually when I'm sleeping so I forget them when I wake up, ugh!).
Aside from reading and writing and work, I enjoy music. I play the piano and guitar and I sing all of the time and when I am alone in the basement of the library I sing at the top of my lungs... I exercise, alot, and take long walks. I draw and I crochet. I love learning new languages (I'm learning Spanish and Chinese currently). I garden. I bake. I take a whole lot of photos. Blah. Blah. Blah. I dance around in grocery stores and I often talk to myself. Yes, I am a little nutty, but that just makes me more interesting, right?

Visit my blog at http://brittanysblogofrandomthings.blogspot.com/

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