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When I started this blog 4 years ago I was a 46 year old mother of three children, soon to be 7, 9, and 11 - boy, girl, boy.  Formerly a concierge in a luxury hotel, I was a stay at home mom.  HOWEVER  a great deal has changed since then I am now 50 (at the half way of life)  and now I am a graduate student studying behavior analysis at Temple University.  My adorable children are now a pre-teen and teens - and one has sent us on an emotional roller coaster in terms of behavioral issues in the last 4 years and now attend a military boarding school.  Instead of trying to be "mom of the year" or thinking of a new way to "uber parent", I visit ALON and try to use Mindfulness to help me accept what life presents to me.

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    How to Dress a Husky Boy on a Shoestring

    7 years ago

    My eldest son has been big his whole life (almost 11 years) and finding clothes that fit him has been difficult. As a toddler it was easy since he loved wearing overalls and sweat pants. However, when he started at an...