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Heyla! I'm 34 years old, I love virtual pet sites, toys, animals, and having fun in general. My lenses will probably be a total conglomeration of random items as they come into my head and I feel like writing about them.

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  • Rainy Day Games To Play Outdoors

    Rainy Day Games To Play Outdoors

    4 years ago

    Most people hate to be cooped up indoors when it's grey and rainy out, especially children. But what if you didn't have to stay indoors? I have made a list of a few games you can play outside, while it's raining, as...

  • Otocinclus Catfish

    Otocinclus Catfish

    4 years ago

    Because Otos are catfish, people believe they can be tossed into their tanks like other catfish and they don't need to do anything special. This is wrong. Without proper research into tankmates, food and water...

  • Mystery Snails

    Mystery Snails

    4 years ago

    The Mystery Snail (Pomacea bridgesii) is a species of Apple Snail. However unlike most apple snails, mystery snails do not eat plants. Or rather, they do not eat healthy plants. They also stay small, growing to just...