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I am English and live in a small town in the East of England. Originally from the Manchester area, I still class myself as a 'Northener' - I only came to the Midlands on missionary work, but for some reason am still here 25 years later.

For a living I have served in the Royal Air Force, have been an electronics engineer and am currently a software programmer.

I am not on facebook or twitter or on any other networking/dating/gaming/blogging site. When I finish work my mobile phone is switched off and left in a drawer. Am I a Luddite? I tell myself I can't be because I'm a  programmer - but I could be kidding myself and am really a secret technology hater who is trapped in the 21st century. And anyway, I'm on this site, so surely that's one small step.

To blow away the cobwebs I like to get out in the fresh air and go hiking. Anywhere will do, but generally the higher, the better (coastal walking excepted.) Other interests include astronomy, photography and reading.



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    The Giza Pyramids - A Quick Guide.

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