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My name is Shanna (yes, named after the book). I live in the southern U.S. with my five cats (Gia, JoJo, Maggie, Max, & Abby) and adorable, Cajun fiance, Baret. My main, personal website is Skatoolaki.com and my personal blog is Digitopus.

I'm 33 and a true-blue Scorpio (Nov. 6). To pay the bills, I am an I.T. Tech and web designer with my own small web design business on the side. I am also a writer with some published work, and enough unfinished work to fill a large library; some of my work is at one of my many personal sites, shannariley.com.

I have always had a passion and interest in cemeteries...being a writer, I can't help but imagine what the lives of each name on each headstone were like. One of the cemeteries that touched me most was Brandon Hall Cemetery, just off the Natchez Trace, in Mississippi. Taking the names and dates found there, I began my research into this family and to see what happened to the many children buried there...the fruits of my labor became The Brandon Children; a site and project I am continually working on.

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    The Never Delivered Letter - Venting Frustration & Anger Peacefully

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    The Indomitable Isadora Duncan

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