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I'm a newbie to Hubpages - I'm from Britain and am a huge fan of motor-racing. You'll find that most of my hubs are to do with this topic, although occassionally I'll talk about subjects that I am particularly interested in, including history (particularly the American Civil War), and geography.

I'll also include a few reviews of products and items that I've brought or used, and let you know if I think they're worth keeping, or worth binning.

This looks like a great community and I hope to be around here for a while! :)

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  • The art of sim-racing

    The art of sim-racing

    5 years ago

    A lot of people quickly realise when they start playing hardcore sim-racing games, that they are often out of their depth, or are struggling to keep the car on track, never mind drive fast and keep on beating their own...

  • My Top 5 Motor-Racing Circuits of the world

    My Top 5 Motor-Racing Circuits of the world

    6 years ago

    Motor-racing circuits are complex things. They are not just 'circles' as people continuously insist on calling them. Nor are they just random blobs with straights and corners. They are intricately put-together, with a...

  • What's the best PC racing simulator?

    What's the best PC racing simulator?

    4 years ago

    Race 07 SImulations are uncompromising games that attempt to model as closely as possible any real-life model or situation, and are perfectly willing to compromise on what others would see as 'fun' and the saleability...