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A scientist working in an internationally reputed research lab and also an affiliated research professor in a university in USA. But equally interested in politics, economics, spiritualism, movies, music, business. I do travel to many countries but generally stay for longer periods in Mumbai India or USA. Mumbai is where my home is. USA is almost a second home country for me. My hubs will be more about whatever I feel, read, see and my reactions to events all over world with focus on India. I hope they will be enjoying for many others.
(My actual name is Navin Singhi)

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  • Truth-what it is

    Truth-what it is

    2 years ago

    August 9, 2009 Basic ideas from Ancient Indian Philosophy-Duel of Brahman and Maya I continue with cultural and philosophical discussions. I want to describe some of the basic ideas from ancient Indian philosophies....

  • Why I am a vegetarian? -Life styles India, USA, Europe

    Why I am a vegetarian? -Life styles India, USA, Europe

    2 years ago

    June 19, 2010 For a change I want to write a few articles on life style and philosophies in average Indian life. It is much more pleasant to talk about these ideas than reactions on political events. Since I have...