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I can never recall a time when I said to myself, "I want to chase rats for a living." Yet, here I am chasing rats. Life is funny like that. It's like when you imagine a place before you step into it. In your mind it's always a bigger place than what it turns out to be. The walls are all different colors, and the furnishings in their appearance and the way they are arranged in the room never quite add up to what you envisioned.

The life we wind up leading is always a mystery.

But I like to write, too. Mostly conservative stuff. I like my politics. Some would probably say I like it too much.

And I like to have my opinion as well. In fact, there is a sign on my wall in my pub room which reads, "Everyone is entitled to my opinion." That's probably truer than I'd like to believe.

This is my place here. I call it the Springboard because I tend to think of what I write as a response to things that are happening around me. Here I get the opportunity to offer my take on what goes on in the world. I can offer a twist, or a slant on the topic of the day. Again, I lean conservative, but I'm also open-minded and fair. At least to my mind. I enjoy a good debate, and I always value the opinion of someone else even when it disagrees with my own. I like to be engaged in a topic, and if I miss something I want to know it. HubPages makes "knowing it" possible because you get t-o let me know it.

I'm a 38-year old pest management professional who currently calls Milwaukee, WI home. Here I am known as Springboard, but those who know me call me Jim.

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A 9-9-9 Plan At Home
As Americans we can use at least the simplicity of the concept of the "9-9-9" plan to right our own paths individually, and to make a strong effort toward getting our own financial houses in order. As we jump into 2012, I think we have a greater opportunity than we've had in a long time to set a new course for ourselves, and to pave a path that is far less rocky than it's been since at least 2008.

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