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"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.  That is why it's called the present."  This is one of my favorite quotes.  Yes, I heard it first from the turtle off the animated film “Kung Fu Panda” but more studies and you will see it goes way back.

Hello, My name is MJ and I was born and raised in Bryant, Arkansas, which is where I reside as of now.  I enjoy reading, writing, and ghost hunting.  I'm a graphic designer, and I hope to shine some light on that topic in the near future, but for now, I will give you tips and advice on how to be a ghost hunter.

Since I can remember I have always enjoyed a good Ghost Story.  Anything about the unknown is always interesting, right?  Yes indeed they did scare me, which in all truth I believe is the main reason I enjoy it so much.  Time moved on, and as I got older I became your typical horror movie nut.  Anything scary always snagged my interest.  Which is why Halloween was and is still one of my favorite Holidays. 

One day, while watching television with my dad, we came upon a show where they presented people who called themselves PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS.  But the show was titled “Ghost Hunters”.  I knew then and there that was what I wanted to do.  Still very young, there was not much I could do except enjoy the TV programs, hoping someday my chance to be a paranormal investigator would come. 

That opportunity did not come until I reached the age of 19.  It was then that I was informed of a family member who was in a paranormal group, and that they were local.  Completely baffled by the fact I was not informed sooner, I started making calls, asking when the next opportunity to join was, and it just so happen they had an opening at their next meeting. 

I wont say much else except that I went, joined, and that exact same night I journeyed to my very first investigation with camera and little flashlight in hand.  I laugh at myself now, knowing that I was ignorant to the world of paranormal and Ghost Hunting despite that I learned so much from watching the TV shows, studying them as if they were the bible. 

I have been ghost hunting for Three years, and am now a founder of my own group.  I have a lot more experience on my hands and would love to share what I have learned with anyone willing to hear it.  In my book, you are considered a true ghost hunter if you are as obsessed as I am, watching the TV shows, reading the books or just have that compulsion to see/hear a spirit.  But if you asked me that I felt you were ready to start your own group or go off to some investigation just by going off those facts then I would say NO.  There is (in my opinion) a difference between being a ghost hunter and actually being ready for it.  If you are really interested in learning about how to be a Ghost Hunter, then please read my Hubs'.  I will inform you of tips, tricks, what equipment to use, forms and paper work that you will need, how to interview with the owners of locations and the basic does and don'ts of joining this field. 

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