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You know that inner monologue that goes on in your brain when something really ticks you off?  That pretty much sums up My Daily Rant.  I need to rant or I may try to hurt someone.  And since I'm only 5'2"...those odds are very much not in my favor.

I rant about all kinds of things, Obama, chocolate, exercise.  I'm also not above self deprecating humor, which tends to serve me well. 

Hailed as the "Mistress of Snark from the Frozen Northwest" (a title I wholeheartedly embrace), I am sarcastic, sassy, and smarter than you think.  Writing is my absolute passion, and I find that writing for myself is the greatest therapy ever.

Welcome to My Daily Rant!

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    Best Wedding Gift Ideas of 2010

    6 years ago

    Bucky Disclaimer: As you may or may not have seen in my profile bio, I am fluent in sarcasm.  Therefore, if you are easily offended or forgot to wear your sense of humor hat today, you may want to stop reading...