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Hi, I’m Susie and I’m very happy that you've stumbled upon this page.

I live to write.

I write to live.......Nah... I write for fun... I'm not that serious!!!!


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  • The Shadows Overwhelm Us

    The Shadows Overwhelm Us

    8 months ago

    A POEM.......The shadows overwhelm us. The sunshine is for us a plus.

  • Little Groom

    Little Groom

    8 months ago

    Who lived in that house anyway and why had the old lady grown so fat?

  • The Seventh Secret

    The Seventh Secret

    8 months ago

    Something really strange happened to my old man and me when we walked home from the club the other night. It was so weird I feel sure that you will never believe me.

  • Dear Deirdre

    Dear Deirdre

    8 months ago

    A letter from a teenage girl to a problem page

  • Vacant Mind

    Vacant Mind

    8 months ago

    Lily looked at the computer screen trying formulate the words. How could her life resorted to this. No money. No home. No real friends. She needed a plan. She needed a future.

  • Life... How Hard Can It Be?

    Life... How Hard Can It Be?

    8 months ago

    This is a candidly true account of a moment in time.. My time. I sat in the graveyard wondering why on earth I would ever want to go back to London away from God's creation.