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I'm a tui na therapist by day and love anything to do with Tai Chi, Qi Gong and natural therapies. I also love tattoos...especialy the more peculiar and older traditions that are tied in with spirituality or healing traditions.

I do tend towards obbessive sometimes and have a coffee machine that wouldn't be entirely out of place in a small cafe.......I should be able to pour better latte art than I can though, given the kind of equipment I own.

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  • Old time Physical Culture and strongmen

    Old time Physical Culture and strongmen

    5 years ago

    The 19th century saw rise to what became know as Physical Culture. The Industrial Revolution had created a worldview that middle classes were becoming diseased, partially because of their decline in manual labour and...

  • Litter Box Furniture

    Litter Box Furniture

    5 years ago

    One of the least pleasant aspects of cat ownership is kitty litter. Nobody likes cleaning kitty litter and nobody likes looking at kitty litter. However, both of these are pretty much inevitable if you decide to get a...

  • Walking Sticks and Walking Canes

    Walking Sticks and Walking Canes

    7 years ago

    Walking sticks are probably one of the oldest tools humans have used, partly because of their simplicity and partly because of their usefulness. Most of us will at some point have seen an image of a wizzened old monkey...

  • Ruby Gloom

    Ruby Gloom

    8 years ago

    Cartoons are a bit of a guilty pleasure for adults, aren't they? I mean many parents bemoan the fact that their children like to watch cartoons, but secretly, the parents like to watch too; because even though they are...

  • Belly Button Fungus

    Belly Button Fungus

    8 years ago

    Infections of the belly button can take the form of a nasty fungus which can be similar in appearance to athletes foot. Symptoms can be mild through to serious with discharge and pain. This hub takes a brief look at...

  • Trichotillomania - The disease of pulling your hair out

    Trichotillomania - The disease of pulling your hair out

    8 years ago

    When most people talk about "pulling out their own hair" they use the phrase figuratively. We've all done it; when we get frustrated with the computer for example, we will later describe the problem saying it "had me...

  • Viggo Mortensen's Russian Mafia Tattoos

    Viggo Mortensen's Russian Mafia Tattoos

    8 years ago

    Anyone with a passing interest in tattoos should watch Eastern Promises. Apart from being a great movie, it has as one of its central themes, russian mafia tattoos. The film was produced in 2007 and was nominated for an...