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I like writing. It's something that keeps me distracted from real life but not too distracted. My life is busy. As a EMT I've spent 11 years on the streets responding to emergency situations. As a Surgical Technician I spent 4 years in an Operating Room piecing people back together with my surgeons. As a veteran of the United States Air Force I am immensely patriotic and proud of my nation, as well as politically active. I am currently a student at Regent University studying majoring in History.

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  • America’s Favorite Scapegoat: The Gun

    America’s Favorite Scapegoat: The Gun

    22 months ago

    Since at least the mid-nineteenth century America has foolishly pushed the idea that guns are the root of all violent and social problems and that the erroneous belief on gun control would help.

  • Americans Should Support 911 Volunteers

    Americans Should Support 911 Volunteers

    10 months ago

    Volunteerism has been a time old tradition in America. One of the oldest and most important types of volunteering is that of 911 responders. A niche that goes above and beyond to serve their community

  • Rand Paul

    Rand Paul

    22 months ago

    Rand Paul is a well known ophthalmologist and Senator hailing from Kentucky. He has captured the hearts of many with his conservative message and as a contender for the 2016 Presidential nomination.

  • New Street Drug Danger: Flakka

    New Street Drug Danger: Flakka

    22 months ago

    In 2014 a new synthetic variation of amphetamine (aka bath salts) was discovered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was called Flakka and it's spreading. It's called a scary mix of Meth and Bath Salts.

  • Basic EMS & First Aid Kit

    Basic EMS & First Aid Kit

    22 months ago

    Being prepared means having the proper equipment to survive and adapt as needed. Do you have a First Aid Kit? This is a guide to making a proper first aid & First In Bag kit by an EMT.

  • The Danger of Hyperthermia

    The Danger of Hyperthermia

    22 months ago

    The Dangers of Hyperthermia and Fever to the Human Body. When hot is too hot and when it's time to seek additional help and treatment.

  • CPR Made Easy!

    CPR Made Easy!

    22 months ago

    CPR is a vital skill and can mean the difference between life and death. Even reading about it is better than being uninformed. Learn how to save a life and get properly certified as a CPR Provider.