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Of all the subjects I have studied in school English has always been the hardest for me. I've always been shy and self-conscious of my action and words so I rarely expressed myself and in a way I think that hurt my writing as I was growing up, though I hardly tried. I do love to read and that has been my way of communicating my emotions and thoughts with people, even if it is towards the author or his characters. I always thought that the way one writes reflects the mind of the writer. Not that a better writer means a better mind, but that one who is able to write well shows how free the writers mind is, perhaps unconformed by what anyone else or what the world may want him to say or write otherwise. I think that is why I like reading and every now and then writing. It gives me a way to excerise a freedom that I yearn for, to break these bonds of insecurity. To say what I want to say and show a side of reality that the world may want to hide from itself and each other. I think reality is beautiful the way it is, and not all things beautiful are pleasing to the world. Even the painful things in life: death, sickness, hopelessness, are beautiful because they are a part of the human experience and simply being alive on this mote of dust somewhere between infinity and nowhere is worth examining.

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