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I like to swim in a sea,of peaceful serenity and detached anonymity.A single father of three I journal in my yard,under a tree where sometimes I just breathe,other times I write poetry.Sometimes I watch birds as they fly and I wish they were me.Other times I watch the ants as they scurry,which reminds me of  the rat race where my vision seems blurry,until I detach from the world to think without hurry.No matter how far in my travels I let myself roam, I can always find a tree and feel like I'm home.

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  • You Are Human Capital

    You Are Human Capital

    7 years ago

    The question of who we are,is one that has been contemplated by many great thinkers and is a subject that is of great interest to me.Of even greater interest to me is the question who are we to the powers that be?I've...