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Hey There Everyone!  My name is, well Tye =]

So where to start aye? It can be so hard to start these 'about me' things...so how about the basics?

I'm currently a student in my final year before University where I plan to complete a degree in medicine under the ADF.

I live in Australia, so that makes me an Aussie :P and much like the sterotype I do actually have kangaroos in my back yard, which is over 30 acres xD

I'm a very passionate writer when it comes to things such as poetry and narratives.  I love things of a dark and fantasy style nature, I think darkness itself is a beautiful thing beyond comparison, for they say beauty comes in dark thoughts...

I am also a musician! I play guitar in my spare time, even though I have little of it.

So there you go a little about me =D you should defiently drop me a line and say hello sometimes I'm always up for a good chat!

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