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  • Dark Look Part 1 -9

    Dark Look Part 1 -9

    17 months ago

    Horror Story

  • Rick Tomlin

    Rick Tomlin

    2 years ago

    Rick Tomlin , of Miskatonic University , is working on a new book . Follow his adventure.

  • The House Jill Built

    The House Jill Built

    4 years ago

    The Day was like any other at it's start. the sun rose over a cloudy sea. The sea shined back up at the light , and those clouds and the fog retreated before it. By Eight thirty Walace had walked three miles already and...

  • copyright for Elder Gods

    copyright for Elder Gods

    5 years ago

      The Gold of the Elder Gods By: Erik Pieper ( Scene Set/opening shot - hyperspace - pull camera back - zoom to wide screen. A tree ) Along time ago , yet after the gift of words , and before the day of...

  • do no mind

    do no mind

    6 years ago

    I really like the ocean shot you present here. Quite powerful. K9 (You know me)

  • Perry Mason and the book of worms

    Perry Mason and the book of worms

    6 years ago

      Perry Mason and the Book with Worms By: Erik Pieper   Opening scene Diner. People are seated and eating chattering. Enter Sluggo 1. He goes to the counter and orders a sandwich. 1: let me have...

  • The Flounder

    The Flounder

    6 years ago

     I watch like a flounder on the bottom of the sea the sea is God spread above me my eyes do not waver my scences they savor the taste of a newly written song out here down here I belong the thing...

  • crying then , crying now , the toa

    crying then , crying now , the toa

    6 years ago

     the fear assalts me the riders of apocolypse ever changeing rearangeing. I cry in pain I cry again then the moment comes when it is done we both are chums but the Lord would test my steel the...

  • Keening


    6 years ago

     The tears for the fallen Those who heard the calling Those who did not hear at all God's children and The children of God alike Did the running for us they did the falling. Does the warrior commit...

  • Camelots mists- a players day

    Camelots mists- a players day

    6 years ago

     The agony of watching your troops go off to war , knowing it is a few minutes in our time to a week in thiers. the people of my imaginary kingdom-the fate of witch I can scarecly control. I have built the...