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I am passionate about a couple of things - education, writing, and nutrition. As a lifetime learner I believe in constantly expanding your mind and being open to new opportunities. I believe every child deserves a quality education and the opportunity to explore and discover their gifts.  I also love writing. I have written poetry, short stories, novels, journal entries, recipes, songs, and just about every other type of writing a person can do. Until recently I let fear prevent me from publishing anything. I am also a single mother of a fifteen year old amazing daughter. I have an adorable little dog named Charlie Brown. I also love to cook nutritious vegan meals and have lost over 60 pounds since making the shift from carnivore to herbivore.

check out my blog at http://fatbrainthinbrain.blogspot.com/

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  • How to prepare for your daughter's basketball tournament

    How to prepare for your daughter's basketball tournament

    5 years ago

    When you have a high school athlete who is serious about their sport, chances are good that they will attend some basketball tournaments. Many of these tournaments are held in small rural towns around the country and...

  • 6 reasons why Vegans gain weight

    6 reasons why Vegans gain weight

    5 years ago

    I lost over 60 pounds after eliminating all beef and dairy from my diet. Adapting this Vegan diet helped to cleanse my body of toxins and flush the fat. Weight loss was rapid at first and then tailored down to a steady...