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Author of the novels Here We Go and The One Who Got Away, available on Amazon Kindle.

Interests include: writing, reading, cooking, movies, all kinds of music, trivia, Wii, tattoos (have 4) trying to take artsy photographs, teaching the dog tricks, somehow managing not to kill the orchids outside, going to concerts,  the beach, attempting to work out on a regular basis, traveling, geocaching, staying in shape, entertaining, and spending time with friends and family...

I have a low tolerance for negativity, pessimism, snobbery, and know-it-alls. 

I also have a blog and a webpage.  Stop by and say hi!

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  • The 5 Hottest Angelina Jolie Movies

    The 5 Hottest Angelina Jolie Movies

    5 years ago

    Picture from fanpop.com IMDB.com synopsis: Car theft in Long Beach went down 47% when Randall "Memphis" Raines (Nicolas Cage) walked away from the life. He gets dragged back into it by assuming the job his brother Kip...

  • Custom vs. Flash Tattoos

    Custom vs. Flash Tattoos

    14 months ago

    Whether you're getting your first or your fifth tattoo, the art that you put on your body should be as original and as unique as you are! Try to steer clear of the shops with posters and flash books lying all around....

  • Fun Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties

    Fun Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties

    6 years ago

    As we get older, milestone birthdays stretch farther and farther apart and many people cease to recognize the fun that can be had in celebrating these events. Turning 30, 40, or 50 doesn't always have to be a hokey...

  • Good Girls Get Tattoos, Too!

    Good Girls Get Tattoos, Too!

    15 months ago

    If you were to look at me, you'd probably never guess that I have a tattoo. You almost certainly wouldn't expect me to have 4! Most people are surprised to see one peeking out from underneath the strap of a sandal or...

  • Understanding Starbucks Speak.

    Understanding Starbucks Speak.

    4 years ago

    Okay, that's not really what I order at Starbucks, and ordering at Starbucks really isn't that complicated. There's a method to ordering which can make your order easy to understand, so the barista can make your drink...

  • I lost 20 lbs. with the Wii Fit!  And kept it off!

    I lost 20 lbs. with the Wii Fit! And kept it off!

    5 years ago

    Months ago, my brother mentioned that he and his wife had managed to get their hands on a Wii Fit - lucky dogs! I could handle the $89.99 price tag, but the problem was actually finding them! I spent many weekends...