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Hello You Fancy meeting you here! I am one of life's happy people. I adore training, fitness and have a goal in life (but that one is between me and me). If I find out anything that improves my life, I write it in hope that it will help someone with theirs. I am me and I love it!. I hope you enjoy reading or even just skimming through my scribblings. And it is always received with thanks and appreciation. Cathi/Tinks/Thrinsdream x x PS Smile

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  • Tips To Being A Responsible Dog Owner

    Tips To Being A Responsible Dog Owner

    4 weeks ago

    The thought of getting a dog and the actual owning of a dog are two very different things. It is similar to thinking of having children and the whole life upheaval of actually having them. The dream and the reality can...

  • How To Cook Rice To Perfection

    How To Cook Rice To Perfection

    3 weeks ago

    Cooking rice to perfection can be so hit and miss sometimes. I always thought it had to do with the exact measures of water to rice as my rice always turned out either as, what I can only describe as, wall paper paste...

  • Change Your Life In One Easy Step

    Change Your Life In One Easy Step

    3 weeks ago

    I am unsure as to how long ago this story took place but it has been retold by many. It is a true story about Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a therapist for the criminally insane at Hawaii State Hospital. He cured a whole...