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Welcome to all faithful (and unfaithful!) readers. I am relentlessly trying to conquer the Internet with my pen (eee... keyboard) and hopefully bring you a few laughs in the process. I write on whatever takes my fancy, mostly about food, books and ridiculous social behaviors. I'm not much of a salesman so my lenses are mostly for reading, not for shopping. This leaves me starving, but adds to their quality. Subjects you'll NEVER catch me writing about include Lady Gaga, celebrities doing anything and how much I love Christ because I don't (and here, dear Christians, you have a chance of showing your famous tolerance off by not burning me at the stake). Enjoy and if you like it, come back for more!

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  • 50 things you can do to improve the world

    50 things you can do to improve the world

    3 years ago

    There are many, many ways in which you can make our planet a better place. Every tiny bit helps. Every step matters. I'm sure you have your own well-tried designs for improving the world, but if you were ever stuck for...

  • Porto zoo - Zoo da Maia

    Porto zoo - Zoo da Maia

    3 years ago

    If you are an unsuspecting tourist in Porto, Portugal, the zoo won't be an obvious place you'll be pointed to. Everybody will try to sign you up for one of innumerable Douro cruises, or wine cellar trips, and if you ask...

  • 10 things I hate about the Internet

    10 things I hate about the Internet

    3 years ago

    It provides hours and hours of fun. It gives you an answer to every question in 0.08 seconds average. It lets you have your say, whatever the subject. It connects, promotes, enlightens. Gosh, the Internet is great. But...

  • An ode to Polish sausage

    An ode to Polish sausage

    3 years ago

    Funny how inspiration can strike you in the most unexpected of times. My recent Muse has paid me a visit when I was happily tucking into my dinner. My quick, cheap, delicious and nutricious dinner. I looked at my plate...

  • Don't go to Cliffs of Moher

    Don't go to Cliffs of Moher

    3 years ago

    I did some travelling over the weekend. One of the places on my itinerary was the famous Cliffs of Moher, probably the most famous touristic gathering point in the west of Ireland. At 214 m, they are the highest cliffs...

  • Apple stories

    Apple stories

    3 years ago

    Green, red or yellow, whichever is your favourite, an apple is not such an innocent fruit as it would seem. Over time a fair bunch of apple folklore has accumulated in our legends and fairy tales. Here's 10 stories...