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Who are you Tina ......
A little innocent child 
With a heart like a dove mild 
Playing along the sea of life's tide 
Forever a curious little cat 
With queries butting into elders chat 
When rebuked hiding away like a rat 
Usually never did as was told 
Was impossible to mould 
Was considered for a girl very bold 
Was very eager to learn 
For knowledge always did yearn 
Was packed off to boarding school at six 
There to survive I learnt all the tricks 
Playing around with stones and wooden bricks 
With the crybabies and home sick I would never mix 
My boarding school was beautiful 
Towards it I felt dutiful 
Gravel and flower beds neatly laid out 
We always had to speak in whispers and never shout 
If the nuns ever did our behavior doubt 
Along with spanking we got a shout 
Mostly was made to stand of the class out 
Or made to sit in class with my desk facing the window looking out 
Loved it as I could read novels and play about 
Evening games time was exhilarating 
Spent it playing basketball , badminton and skating 
Those days I was always famished 
Food I did devour and ravished 
With friends indulged in midnight feasts 
Smiler tuck those days was the biggest treat 
Parents got for me when they came to meet 
Besides games piano lessons were the best 
As for studies only last minute prepared for tests
For me school was like a warm nest 
Later even going home I did detest 
From school we were taken to see movies latest 
During holidays would go for picnics to government ground 
Which was surrounded by a thick forest around 
And a beautiful castle on a high mound 
In the thick forest we would walk
It would resound with our laughter and talk 
Our socials would be with Sem boys 
In them I had no interest nor found any joy 
Best times were the funfairs and the fetes 
Here girls and boys interested would date 
Some here even found their future mate 
Soon arrived the time to leave 
Which I would love to disbelieve 
Shedding tears gave me relief 
Leaving school was entering life's threshold 
For that I was not prepared and enough bold 
College was like a story unheard and untold 
Compelled to take up subjects which were not my cup of tea 
Despite all my resistance and plea 
Early in life was thrown into waters strange 
As by my parents my marriage was arranged 
A strange new world I did enter 
There no one to me shelter 
People around taking advantage of my husband's simplicity 
Creating in my immature mind complexity 
Besides becoming a mother at a young age 
Was coping up with my inner growing rage 
My husband more than a house holder a sage 
Worldly matters he doesn't understand so they throw him into a rage 
Found myself alone coping up with life's this page 
A soft and easy target to take of advantage 
Then I stood up to take a strong resolve 
To create in me a potential to all absolve 
Then did all the issues solve 
Or else like a disprin I would have dissolved 
Now things said or done don't really matter 
I'm beyond them so me they cannot shatter 
Learnt life's biggest lesson 
The only path worthwhile is the path of self realization 
Rest all is simply souls traumatization  !