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Well, let's see, my name is Jane, I'm a Taurus, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a software developer, a webmaster, a guitar player, an aspiring (wannabe) writer, a lover of fine art and red wine, a romantic and a Squidoo lensmaster.

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  • How to Get Rid of a Ghost

    How to Get Rid of a Ghost

    3 years ago

    You wake up suddenly from a sound sleep. You can hear footsteps outside your door... they are getting closer. The door is not closed all the way, and you can just see out into the hall through the narrow opening. The...

  • Trivia Questions

    Trivia Questions

    2 years ago

    A selection of interesting trivia questions with answers and facts.

  • The Beatles - Let It Be

    The Beatles - Let It Be

    3 years ago

    "Let It Be" was originally recorded by the Beatles and released as a single in March of 1970. Two months later on May 8th, 1970 the song was used for the title track to the Beatles' album "Let It Be" which was...

  • Mona Lisa - Da Vinci's Magnum Opus

    Mona Lisa - Da Vinci's Magnum Opus

    3 years ago

    Few are not familiar with Leonardo da Vinci's magnum opus, the Mona Lisa, also known by some as the La Gioconda. Debatably the most famous painting in the world, the 16th century work of art depicts a woman clad in the...

  • Movie Trivia

    Movie Trivia

    2 years ago

    Movie Trivia Questions, movie quizzes, fun facts and other information that is of interest to the movie trivia lover. Are you a movie buff or just a wannabe? Try your hand out at some movie trivia questions quizzes and...