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I may not be somebody to compete with all these professional bloggers or journalists (though I will make the effort to do so). I am just your ambitious youth at the ripe age of 25 and I enjoy my hobby of writing. I find HubPages the perfect place for me to share these things with others. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Joey Arnold: The Guy Who Didn't

    Joey Arnold: The Guy Who Didn't

    21 months ago

    The true story of a strange American guy, trapped in Vietnam.

  • How To Bribe Somebody: For Dummies

    How To Bribe Somebody: For Dummies

    2 years ago

    HOW TO BRIBE SOMEBODY: FOR DUMMIES Maybe you are reading this for amusement rather than practical use. You might be thinking that bribery is immoral, which it is. However, there are many corners of the world where...

  • Surfing 101 -- Learning How to Surf

    Surfing 101 -- Learning How to Surf

    7 years ago

    Surfing is my favorite sport, hands down. I was giving a surf lesson the other day when I realized that I could probably teach people to surf through my writing. This is not as ideal as actually being there to coach you...

  • The Truth About Energy Drinks With Alternate Solutions

    The Truth About Energy Drinks With Alternate Solutions

    7 years ago

    She doesn't drink energy drinks but my little sister sure captures the idea here. Energy Drinks, they’re all over the place. They come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. You can even get them in chewing gum form....

  • Abalone Game Strategy Tips

    Abalone Game Strategy Tips

    4 years ago

    Abalone is my favorite board game of all. I have not lost to anybody in ten years. I lost to a computer a couple of times which, funny enough, upset me. I am going to give you my basic strategy tips and while it's not...

  • Othello Game (aka Reversi) -- Strategy Tips

    Othello Game (aka Reversi) -- Strategy Tips

    2 years ago

    Othello Othello is also called Reversi but I prefer the more traditional name of Othello as that's what it was originally called and it sounds better. The reference, I believe, is from Shakespeare's play, "Othello". ...

  • Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

    Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

    7 years ago

    "Costa Rica, it's that Island in the Caribbean, right?" Wrong. Costa Rica is in Central America, just north of Panama and south of Nicaragua. It's a country that hasn't had its own army in over 100 years. By survey,...