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Joined 6 years ago from Washington State, searching for home town.




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 I'm an artist / writer,  I welcome all to check out my art blog, for my ceramic art, book art and art thought of the day. My 2011 resolution / writing challenge is a page a day 365 science fiction novel, Working title: Ode to Impossible. (I wrote a novel and a half :).

I joined hub pages as a 2010 writing resolution is to write and share 50 ways to change, (a hub a week for 52 weeks with 2 weeks vacation). My hubs are an opportunity for me to write out my angst about the impending post-oil-age, hopefully transform that fear into good by joining in the passive green revolution.

I want to know - How to join in with everyone fighting in the green revolution. I want to know how to change the world in a passive good way. 

At 10/50 hubs I'm considering shifting my focus to my art and fiction. 1/5th of my resolution is fine with me for now. 


I wrote 10 hubs, by the first week of March leaving this resolution 1/5th completed. I will write a hub or two every now and then, but for now my primary focus is on writing fiction and making art.

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