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After being born and raised in Alabama, I relocated to Phoenix Arizona in 2000. After ten years in the city of the sun, I moved to Kentucky where I published my first novel. 

The Path of the Child and 31 Days of October are both available on Amazon.  

I live in Kentucky where I am close to my 13 grandchildren. I love to write on HubPages as well as my first children's book. It will be out within the next few months. The Shepherds of Donaldson Park will be out by the summer of 2017. 

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  • The Path of the Child

    The Path of the Child

    7 weeks ago

    Writing my first novel is an experience in it's self. The book is now released. The Path of the Child is available on both Kindle and through Amazon.com.

  • Discovering the Rich History of a Small Southern Town

    Discovering the Rich History of a Small Southern Town

    6 weeks ago

    The Thirst for Knowledge allowed me to go past shyness and reach out to strangers to find out the history of Pleasant Grove, Alabama the town I was going to call home. The story that unfolded pulled me in and allowed...

  • Free Nick Jr. Games Online

    Free Nick Jr. Games Online

    12 months ago

    Looking for a fun free site that is safe for the youngest computer children can enjoy? Try Nick Jr where games will keep them learning while entertaining the child with music and age appropriate activities.

  • Planning Your Garden

    Planning Your Garden

    12 months ago

    Hints and tips for planning the garden so that your efforts are rewarded with the best garden possible. The information will assist you by providing planning tips and garden planning ideas.

  • Recognizing and Escaping a Toxic Friendship.

    Recognizing and Escaping a Toxic Friendship.

    9 months ago

    How can we decide if the person we are spending the most time with is wreaking havoc on our lives? These are some of the signs of a toxic friendship and how we can move past them.

  • History of Pleasant Grove's Mining Disaster

    History of Pleasant Grove's Mining Disaster

    6 weeks ago

    Recounting the story of the families that lived through the explosion of the Woodward Iron and Coal Company mine in Pleasant Grove Alabama. Telling the memories of the ones that lost family during that tragic event.

  • Facebook  Game Addiction

    Facebook Game Addiction

    12 months ago

    Realizing that having a Facebook addiction can simply mean that you are now connecting with people that you have not seen since school, people that you moved away from and the family that you speak to every day. ...