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A Biography. Loved and endured.

Taken and gifted to.

The land is full of honey,

clouds, blue skies, and a place to fly into above.

The seas full of mystery,

travel over the oceans a certainty.

Share beautiful goods

as a service,

go to learning institutions as part of the path.

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  • Yum Cha

    Yum Cha

    2 years ago

    Yum Cha is about eating in a Chinese restaurant when there are small plates with certain dumplings and dishes that are made to be shared . There is tea served and it balances nicely.

  • Fireworks are Great!

    Fireworks are Great!

    2 years ago

    LISTEN. Some try to fight what is powerful yet inspirational to others. Like the wolf that helps the ecosystem, so do fireworks have their place even in safety. Risk management with rewards teaches.

  • Really Bad People should be Blessed, not cursed!

    Really Bad People should be Blessed, not cursed!

    2 years ago

    Life is hard, but life is not. When the story has a progression to what you would like when anything can be as you would want, then this is likely to be easier to work towards. Make a fiction.

  • Kiri The Kanawa

    Kiri The Kanawa

    2 years ago

    She has been an Opera Singer, but sometimes has dabbled in some popular music. She has done the hard yards, but success is part perspiration and part inspiration. Also, with any dream, or any prayers,or any high and...