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Hi Everyone

My name is Tammy Mackey and I live in Pickering Ontario with my great husband Kevin.  Our relationship is very successful with only 4 arguments in the 16 years of marriage.  I enjoy everyday of my life by walking the Happy Road where genuine inner happiness is carried within.  Happiness cannot be found in a bank account, a pill or a bottle....it is found within.  I'm a simple girl who enjoys a simple life.  I have many pets, love to garden, write, play the piano, jog and swim.  I believe that we are the most amazing specie ever created if you harness your mind correctly. 

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    Guide to Happiness: Free Your Mind

    7 months ago

    Free Your Mind to FInd Peace and Serenity Another step in finding genuine inner lasting happiness is to free your mind. What I want you to do and its not exactly the easiest thing either. I want you to avoid the...