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  • It seems....

    It seems....

    2 months ago

    It seems, I would have given you everything For you I would have done anything it seems It seems I'm willing to do anything to keep you Keeping you happy was all that mattered to me it seemed There's no one else...

  • Have You Back

    Have You Back

    2 months ago

    Asking some women to come back to the ways that made them great and loving. This is an excerpt from the "WordNLipsAfair" book so enjoy!

  • Should Have Held Her More

    Should Have Held Her More

    2 months ago

    "Should Have Held Her More" is an excerpt from the upcoming WordNLipsAffair book. It's a poem about the things you shoud have done more of in love, relationships, and commitment. Feel the rhythm...

  • Being Real

    Being Real

    2 months ago

    Poem about being strong even through life sufferings and coming to grips with the hardness of life. Strength is needed in this life. This may be feautured in the upcoming book "WordNLips Affair".

  • I'm Letting Go...

    I'm Letting Go...

    2 months ago

    Remembering the first time you really felt love and it wasn't returned like you felt it should have? And when they leave you they take a part of you that you don't get back for a long time....