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Hey Everyone,

I've been a member of Hubpages for over a year now and want to personally thank all of my followers for giving me the motivation to keep going.

I am currently publishing Hubs at a very slow rate because of the time required to work hard and get good grades in school. However, if you like my hubs please don't be afraid to follow me as I will begin writing more as soon as I get the chance.

Enjoy Reading!

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  • Basic Tennis Terms Every Beginner Should Know

    Basic Tennis Terms Every Beginner Should Know

    3 years ago

    Whether your just starting tennis or have played for many years, knowing the proper tennis terms will benefit you out on the court. Ever heard of a "Hail Mary" in tennis? Or want to know why players say the word "love"...

  • History of Chewing Gum

    History of Chewing Gum

    4 years ago

    The development of chewing gum has taken thousands of years to become what gum is today. Over these many years, almost every culture in the world present and past has chewed some sort of of this chewy substance. There...